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Loopwipe cleaners and Lube lube lubricating products and grease paste for bicycle transmission, disc brakes and suspension application.




1. SPRINT - Chain Lube for dry and humid weather and does not attract dirt to chain. For daily riders. Use once in a week. Suggested to use with loopwipe chain cleaner.


2. OMNI ANTI RUST - Loosening rusted nut and bolts and to be used after bike wash for preventing rust. Use in cassette, freewheel, suspension, nuts and bolts to remove rust. Don't use for chains.


3. STANCHION SUSPENSION SPRAY - Protects suspension fork from dirt and improves the travel of fork.


4. WET LUBE - Wet lube to be used for cleaning the chain properly with either loopwipe chain cleaner or any other method. Best for dry conditions.


5. ARID DRY LUBE - Dry lube to be used in heavy rain condition and dusty high wind dry conditions.


6.  Disc Brake Cleaner - For removing squeaking voice on brake rotors and pad contact in winters and rainy or dew states.


7. Hi - Performance Grease - To be used as a paste to lubricate ball bearings of hubs, cassette or freewheel, Bottom bearing or headset. clean the surface well before using and remove all earlier applied excess grease and dirt before use.


Looplube n' Loopwipe

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